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How Effective is your Business?

Take a moment to consider three major questions about the effectiveness of your business:

How effective are you / your employees in doing the tasks that genuinely move your business forward?

To what extent are you / your employees excited and driven by your / their role within your business?

How well are you / your employees working together to bring out the best in your business?

We at Third Way Coaching sincerely believe that we can help transform your business by helping you discover solutions to these questions and much more. We can provide you with the tools you need to empower your business, working with you to bring out the very best for lasting success.

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“Even with the best intentions, unlocking the true potential of both your workforce and yourself can be a tricky business; with fire-fighting usually the order of the day, it can be very difficult to focus on anything but the job in hand. Using his own inimitable gregarious manner, Mark will lead you on a fascinating journey in which you will develop the ability to decipher what is truly important at the appropriate times in the growth of your company - Looking for the answer? Look no further.”

Dave Beese, General Manger, DecTek Ltd

Third Way Coaching

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“Clear outcomes and strategies in a very assertive and supportive manner. The results speak for themselves.”


“Mark is such a natural coach and made such a huge impact.”


“A good balance of encouragement, challenge and direction.”



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